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About TractionNext

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Automate campaign management with this web-based solution. TractionNext automates campaign workflows, triggers conversations and accelerates conversions, with visibility to email, SMS, promotions, surveys, web, and online all on the one unified platform. Our team of leading marketing experts have helped guide and deliver campaigns for some of the most globally recognised brands, such as Lion, Coca Cola Amatil and Foxtel, bringing together technology and strategy to create customer engagement.

What is TractionNext?

All of your communications, competitions and contacts in one place TractionNext provides a more relevant and engaging brand experience to customers. With real time insights and reporting across multiple digital channels all in the one place so you can easily leverage data intelligence to drive performance. Experts in end to end execution using inbuilt features in TractionNext like Mobile Wallet, Landing Pages, Competition/Promotions and Automations.

TractionNext is a unified marketing automation platform that provides organizations with visibility across multiple channels including email, SMS, promotions, surveys and online campaigns. The solution is tailored to SMBs and larger corporate clients across all industries that specialize in running large consumer promotions.

Businesses can automate campaigns using the visual automation builder for building, managing, and editing workflows to help maximize campaign reach. TractionNext enables businesses to promote ongoing engagement with customers using triggered messages, such as abandoned shopping cart alerts. Advanced dynamic content features allow companies to target and modify content based on their customers’ preferences and attributes.

The platform’s flexible email building features include drag and drop functionality with customizable building blocks and templates. More advanced users can use HTML code editing, WYSIWYG visual editing, or ZIP/content upload. TractionNext users can add, edit and manage contacts, and sort them in lists, segments and behavioral measures to get a better view on customers.

TractionNext helps organizations optimize email results, improve engagement, and monitor conversion rates with automated A/B testing. Users can determine which messages achieved positive results and accurately track open or click through rates. Detailed and tailored reports help organizations pinpoint success and failure factors, while integration with Google Analytics or Litmus Testing allows for precise link tracking.

Additional features include registration forms, survey and polls generation, integrations with Podbox and Zapier, and streamlined sign-ups with Facebook connect.

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  • “Traction Next software upgrade is reliable and delivers customer expectations. It is an excellent tool to improve our marketing strategies and communicate with your subscribers.”
  • “However I have never had trouble in getting help to resolve issues. Overall we are happy with TractionNext and would recommend them without any hesitation.”
  • “All the issues we faced using the platform in its previous version have been addressed and TractionNext is an excellent tool for our communication needs.”
  • “Traction Next is a great product and the support we receive is excellent.”


  • “With knowledge of HTML I would like to have the option to switch the HTML in some of the drop and drag modules.”
  • “I used to use Eloqua so in comparison Traction is very limited.”

TractionNext Description

TractionNext is a next generation marketing platform that helps marketers deliver a memorable brand experience to their customers. It automates marketing campaigns, triggers conversations, accelerates conversions and connects across multiple channels. TractionNext integrates seamlessly with leading platforms and apps such as Facebook, Shopier and PieSync.

Benefits of TractionNext


  • TractionNext provides real time insights and reporting across multiple digital channels to help leverage data intelligence and drive performance. 
  • Users can provide a more personalized buyer journey by triggering automated responses to particular customer activity and behavior. 
  • TractionNext helps optimize email results with automated A/B testing that helps determine which message achieved the most positive results. 
  • Users can activate link tracking with Google Analytics and Litmus Testing for additional insightful reporting. 
  • TractionNext allows users to easily preview how different email designs and content will appear on mobile devices.

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