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About Wisely

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Wisely enables Chuy’s, First Watch, Global Franchise Group, Lazy Dog, P.F. Chang’s, and thousands of other restaurants to personalize the guest experience to maximize customer lifetime value with Customer Intelligence. Wisely’s best-in-class software solutions include the first CDP built for restaurants, a CRM with Marketing Automation, Waitlist, Reservations, Table & Order Management, and Guest Sentiment. Say goodbye to transactions and hello to customers with Wisely.

What is Wisely?

Wisely is a customer relationship management (CRM) software designed to help restaurants handle reservations, tables, guest communications, waitlists, customer reviews, marketing campaigns, and more. Businesses can accept payments before-hand to avoid no-shows, create customizable floor plans, view, edit, and publish reservation availability and configure branded landing pages or texts for customers.

Using Wisely, administrators can add loyalty programs to messages, incentivize email opt-ins, combine tables, update party sizes and reseat guests according to requirements. Supervisors can manage shift changes, access information about customers’ past visits, profile details, or order history, and receive alerts about guests’ special occasions using tags. Managers can also gain insights into the outcomes of A/B testing, track return on investments (ROIs), and set up trigger email and SMS campaigns based on clients’ behavior, interactions, or visit times.

Wisely enables managers to track customer reviews across their corporate website and other platforms such as Google, Instagram, Twitter, TripAdvisor, OpenTable, and Facebook. It also leverages machine learning technology to analyze sentiment in each client’s comment and phrases.

What do you like best about Wisely by ADP?

The card works fine, and it is relatively easy to onboard employees manually, or through self-service. It is a decent option for employees who do not have a traditional means of direct deposit.Review collected by and hosted on

What do you dislike about Wisely by ADP?

Their customer service is lacking, and their delivery times are really slow. If you lose your card, it could take up to 15 days until you receive a new one. To my knowledge, there is no alternate way to access your money until you have the card in hand.

Wisely Pricing, Reviews, & Features in 2022

Wisely Description

Restaurant brands that win in every category are personalizing their guest experience to maximize customer lifetime values with Customer Intelligence. There is a proven method to keep loyal customers for life. Profitable brands empower every department to be a little more smarter. Brands that get to know their customers well and spread that knowledge throughout their organization will win more market share. CLV is the profit from each customer’s first visit to last. This metric is being adopted by industry-leading brands. Connect data silos to gain control over guest data and a view of all guests. Your top 5% customers can be identified by Customer Lifetime Value.


  • “We really love how simple and easy it is- we got it connected to our point of sale and the data that it pulls into the software helps us track every table- it’s pretty awesome.”
  • “They are so attentive and knowledgeable and makes themselves available when needed. Wisely has improved our marketing department and our ability to reach and retain customers.”
  • “We saw the vision of the company and knew that Wisely was much more than software to help gather emails and assist with marketing automations.”
  • “We have had a great experience overall at our restaurant.”


  • “Screen real estate can be a struggle but that’s the tradeoff for using on smaller iPads. We have asked for a full screen view.”
  • “Our initial discussions didn’t really make sense as they were known as a waitlist service and we were a Fast Casual restaurant, there seemed to be no overlap.”

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What is Wisely and how does it work?

Winning restaurant brands in every category is personalizing the guest experience to maximize customer lifetime value with Customer Intelligence. Customer Intelligence reimagines the restaurant experience by bringing everything you know about each customer to every interaction. Drive Profitability by Integrating Customer Intelligence — Everywhere there’s a proven way to find and keep valuable customers—for life. Profitable brands are empowering every department to work a little smarter.

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