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What is Jives Media?

Jives Media is a Marketing Agency Consisting Of Award-Winning Web Designers, Growth Hackers, And MBA Brand Strategists. In 2012, we decided to bring our unique superpowers together to form one lethal digital marketing team. We help organizations from early stage startups to Fortune 500 corporations meet their marketing goals while serving a wide range of industries including: tech, doctor offices, law firms, government affiliated organizations, hospitals, pharma, retailers, restaurants, e-commerce, cannabis and more. We provide our clients with A-Z marketing solutions that include web design, search engine marketing (PPC & SEO), social media management, video production, and 1:1 consulting.At Jives Media, we work together as a team with our clients. Our group of    award-winning marketers take the time to listen to your unique needs. We enjoy doing the heavy lifting while carrying out a seamless execution for our clients.Run your business smarter with help from an expert in digital marketing, media, and business solutions.

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What do you like  about Jives Media?

You worked with them for about two years. Navigating the SEO environment is challenging, and it is rare for companies to execute and implement the plan perfectly. But you delighted to say that they have fulfilled their promise and accomplished the tasks at hand beyond my expectation. They have consistently worked to increase your ranking on Google with your targeted keywords. They have written content, developed a new SEO-friendly website, and designed it efficiently.Review collected by and hosted.

It has been great. The team is very responsive to our requests and not only that, they are very open in helping you with ideas and suggestions. You appreciate their data-driven approach and you feel we are in good hands.

What do you dislike about Jives Media?

There is nothing You can think of. The care that they provide is very excellent.

You really can’t think of any as of now. Their services are very top notch


Why choose Jives Media?

  • Multilingual Customer Support Software
  • Google Implementers and Consultants
  • Unified APIs Software
  • API Platforms Product Suite
  • Blockchain Developers Providers
  • Anaplan Partners
  • Heavy-Duty Repair Software
  • Employer of Record (EOR) Services
  • Athlete Management Software

Jive Software Pricing, Reviews, & Features in 2022


From a small startup to an industry leader, we know firsthand what it takes to build a business from the ground up. Since beginning work in 2012, we have grown exponentially and helped clients all over the world create strong brands and bring in more clients through new websites, marketing, and more.Digital Marketing, Website Design, Google Ads, SEO, Search Engine Optimization , Marketing Consulting, Video Marketing , Video Production, Social Media Management, Lead generation, and Marketing growth Icredibly excited to share that we have been ranked the #1 SEO Marketing Agency by Agency

Spotter. This is a significant milestone for our agency. Our approach to SEO is quite different than most marketing firms out there. Our results show because of it.We focus on bringing the ART of quality content, engagement, and community and marrying it with the SCIENCE of data driven search terms, backlink strategy, and consumer behavior. We look forward to continuing to shake up the marketing world! Keep your eyes out for more… .  Jives Media is actively using 41 technologies for its website, according to BuiltWith. These include Viewport Meta, IPhone / Mobile Compatible, and SPF.Jives Media is ranked 3,129,313 among websites globally based on its 6,188 monthly web visitor


Jives Media is a marketing agency consisting of award-winning web designers, growth hackers, and MBA brand strategists. In 2012, we decided to bring our unique superpowers together to form one lethal digital marketing team.

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