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What is Phenyx?

PHENYX is a full-service creative agency based in Orange County, USA that provides companies, brands, and people a voice through content and design. They do everything from branding to video production to marketing for clients of all sizes. From non-profit organizations to large corporations, they create digital experiences that stand out from the herd by engaging clients online through digital experiences and social media advertising. PHENYX is the marketing answer to the future of your brand. With the proper use of digital media, a connection with your brand is ignited, trust within your brand catches fire and traction and sales will follow. We are here to authentically communicate your message. With our in-house team of experts in every field, there isn’t anything your business can’t become or can’t accomplish. Start showcasing your unique brand story today.

About Phenyx

PHENYX is a digital agency that is ready and dedicated to making real change. We offer comprehensive services from brand redesign to web design all the way to video production. Regardless of your needs; we are here to listen, collaborate and offer tailored solutions to achieve all of your business goals.


  • Smart, research based company who excels at solving tough challenges and has the people to do it.
  • Great organization with strong support from immediate leadership in vertical.
  • Caring management and good benefits
  • Staff is smart and hardworking
  • Supportive co-workers, interesting clients, work. Always something new to learn.


  • Lack of process sometimes means you need to roll-up your sleeves and just do it.
  • Lack of communication to acquired company employees. High attrition with loss of strong contributors. Unknown timeline for org changes to complete.
  • Can deal with demanding clients.
  • New acquisition direction is taking it away from core values.
  • internal processes not streamlined enough; hours are too long due to understaffing; salaries are low.


Strategies of Phenyx

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Exemplifying reliable marketing expertise, PHENYX has rewarded the client with buzz-worthy ads and a professional-looking website, successfully elevating their online presence. More importantly, their custom approach has helped the client acquire a more structured and service-oriented brand image. The team produces high-quality content and strives to fulfill all of the client’s needs. They’re customer-service oriented and responsive to requests. PHENYX delivered a user-friendly, functional website that has received positive feedback from customers. The professional team is readily available and committed to helping the client perform. They go out of their way to give their partner extra resources, providing first-rate customer service.


The client has been very pleased with PHENYX’s high-level expertise. The team is passionate about achieving the client’s goals, and they show genuine interest in their business. They’re also very creative, responsive, and available, and they’re very skilled in multiple marketing branches. PHENYX provides a wide range of marketing services for a credit company, including informational and animated video production, website development and design, drip email campaigns, and branding services. An oil and energy firm engaged PHENYX to build their website and manage their social media platforms to elevate their branding.The team continues to develop videos, create presentations, and edit pictures.


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