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What is Oblique?

Oblique is a Santa Barbara, CA based marketing agency, built on the philosophy that every brand can be an impetus for lasting, positive change in the world. Founded by two friends with similar passions, Oblique sets to give growth to brands while giving back to our planet.

A web design agency based in Portland, OR, Oblique was built on the philosophy that every brand can help create lasting, positive change in the world. As for us, we’re in business to help you and then use our profits to help the planet.

The client was able to use their online portfolio to secure various projects. Oblique successfully developed a simple yet eye-catching and easy-to-navigate site that perfectly matched the client’s vision. Supportive and reliable, they even provided the client guidance on how to update their site.

About Oblique

It all started in 2002 when a sprightly Jersey girl decided to start a marketing agency that focused on building real relationships. And oh, what a groundbreaking idea it was. In an industry with its fair share of secrecy, Oblique came to be on the foundation of total transparency and—yeah, we’ll say it—actually enjoying our work.

Here, we’re all about partnership and doing right by our clients. If you want our honest opinion, we’re not afraid to give it to you (that must be the Jersey coming out), and we’re always up-front about budgets and timing. In fact, we keep such meticulous track of our hours and keep you informed on such regular intervals that you’d think we’re a group of big-shot lawyers instead of big-thinking designers. See? Not your typical ad agency. Oblique provided graphic design and marketing knowledge for an e-sports company. The team helped write a plan of action and outline for when they officially register the business.

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Oblique Services

·       Full Suite Web Development

We offer a large array of web services, including: complete ecommerce development, basic website development, SEO, analytics, web design, prototyping, WordPress, Webflow, and other CMS built websites, and more.

  • Brand Analysis

We offer a free consultation and quote given by our brand manager, Mika. This includes performing a brand and copy audit to analyze weak points in your company’s branding. Following the audit, we’ll go over what we think would complete your brand, and offer our services based on that.

  • Graphic Design

Templates, logos, graphics, signs, business cards and more. Graphic design has been a large focus of ours for years.



At Oblique, we take your purpose and make it our mission. We’ll find your angle with a fresh perspective, and we’ll give your business the edge it needs to get noticed.

Oblique helped an advocate against breast cancer to design and set up an informative WordPress website about this topic. They worked closely with the client and guided them throughout the whole process. Oblique effectively carried out a business plan, providing marketing and graphic design collaterals for when the business would be released to the public. The team was complimented for understanding the direction of the company and perfected it. We made the project smooth and informative.

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