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SmartReach Overview

SmartReach is an email marketing automation software. It is designed to let users schedule and send cold emails and follow-ups automatically from their mailbox and boost their reply rates. It helps to increase the sales team bandwidth, increases revenue, and reduces costs.

SmartReach automates email outreach, personalize emails, A/B test emails, carry out account-based sales workflows, spam tests, built-in email validation/list cleaning, missing merge-tag check, sync prospects from CRM, real-time prospect feed, and more. It centralizes email accounts, thus, providing a comprehensive, 360-degree view of all prospects.

SmartReach features include email automation, email deliverability, prospect management, team collaboration, detailed analytics, and API and Integrations. It comes with a free email validation feature that enables you to verify the emails of your prospects. The Warm-Up feature gradually increases the number of emails sent out, thus “warming up” your domain, IP, and email address.

What is is a Email Outreach Software designed to let users schedule and send personalised emails and follow-ups automatically from their mailbox and boost their reply rates. syncs your prospect data from your CRM to your campaigns with workflow automations and also gives you the ability to add prospects from Linkedin search through ProspectDaddy extension. Apart from this, it can also sync all your prospects email activity back to your CRMs automatically through workflow automation. It thereby reduces the manual effort put in by your sales team and increases their bandwidth to close more deals.

Unique features of

1. Directly integrate with ProspectDaddy chrome extension to get prospect email information from Linkedin

2. Natively integrate with CRMs like Hubspot, Pipedrive, Zoho and Salesforce and workflow automation to add prospects directly to campaigns.

3. Integrate with other CRMs through Zapier.

4. Automate follow-ups until reply and advanced human-like sending algorithm

5. Optimize deliverability of your emails to inbox with built-in free email validations, email warm-ups, spam test reports.

6. Hyper-personalise your emails with programmable conditions on your emails

7. Consolidate replies of all your email accounts at one place with its Inbox which gives a 360 degree view of prospect.

8. Advanced team features that help you collaborate with your team.

9. Agency features that help seamless switching between different clients.

10. Track all email activity, get detailed analytics and downloadable reports.

11. Sync email activity back to your CRM with workflow automations.

About SmartReach

SmartReach is an incredible Email Outreach software that allows marketers and a

dvertisers to automate their email marketing campaigns. The software works best for businesses with long lists of prospects who need to be contacted regularly. You can send out cold emails and follow-ups to these prospects to maximize your business operations and sales. SmartReach adds a personalized touch to these automated emails through tags, hence increasing their effectiveness even more.

The Advanced Email Validation feature of SmartReach makes sure that the prospects do end up reading the emails. You can conduct spam tests to know if you have configured your emails correctly.

These tests will tell you if your emails are reaching the primary inbox or the spam section of the prospect. Thus, you will then be in a better position to tweak them accordingly. Doing so will reduce your bounce rate a lot.

Another essential feature of SmartReach is its analytical capabilities. The campaign

s can detect replies and stop sending emails to specific contacts depending upon their responses.

The software analyzes the campaign results on a lot of different metrics. You can download these analysis reports and share them with the key decision-makers of the organization.

There are no restrictions on the number of email accounts the software can connect with. You can consolidate the replies on all these different emails into a single inbox.

The software natively integrates with all major digital marketing platforms. Some of these include Pipedrive, Salesforce, Zoho, Hubspot, Zoho, and Zapier with more than 1500 applications. You can sync all the prospect lists into a single unified list and run campaigns on this list.

Besides, the software can also pull in prospect email addresses from other third-party platforms. It can easily pick up email addresses from social media such as LinkedIn or Twitter, etc. through this feature. Additionally, you can also perform bi-directional sync of contacts between your CRM and SmartReach.

SmartReach also has dedicated team collaboration features. Agencies with larger marketing teams can collaborate on projects and switch between views.


Our Review Verdict

In addition to providing email automation features, SmartReach is particularly strong with its analytics and reports. It can help improve your campaigns drastically and guide you with how to proceed with them. If you are looking for something that can automate your campaigns with a personalized touch, you need to give SmartReach a shot.

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