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 Email Octopus Overview

EmailOctopus Review: Easy & Affordable Email Marketing - Remote Bliss


EmailOctopus is the low-cost email marketing platform offering high deliverability, customized reports and the ability to drip email sequences, import contacts and integrate with forms. With segmentation, users can create highly targeted email campaigns based on the customer data that matters most to their business.

Our suite of responsive templates allows you to create a powerful, polished campaign in minutes or you can use the drag and drop editor to build beautiful emails that look great across all devices.

For Amazon SES users, we also offer a Connect plan with unlimited emails per month and prices that scale with your business, without sacrificing deliverability or essential features.

What is EmailOctopus?

EmailOctopus is an email marketing tool offering a rich set of email marketing templates allow users to create campaigns which are responsive to any device, in a matter of minutes. Users have the ability to build drip email sequences, import contacts, integrate with forms, and generate customized reports. With segmentation, users can create highly targeted email campaigns based on the customer data that matters most to their business. EmailOctopus’ automation tools enable users to create time-based onboarding and drip email sequences. By sharing the most read content with new subscribers, organizations can keep their audience engaged with their blog, or create a welcome series to introduce new customers with a tempting discount to increase revenue for e-commerce stores. The solution includes an expansive set of email marketing templates which allow users to create responsive campaigns such as beautifully designed newsletters or simple personalized plain text emails. EmailOctopus provides users with real-time, in-depth data on campaign performance, with each click and open tracked alongside the bounces and unsubscribes. Landing pages, inline and pop-up forms, and the WordPress plugin help organizations grow their contact base to collect email addresses without code or complex integrations. Tools for bounce handling help brands maintain their sender reputation by cleaning unsubscribes, bounces, and complaints from lists automatically. EmailOctopus’ developer API allows for deep integration into existing business websites and the ability to maintain current subscriber lists. EmailOctopus can connect to over 2,000 platforms and services via Zapier, including MailChimp, Salesforce, Shopify, Eventbrite, SurveyMonkey, Gravity Forms, Ticket Tailor, and more.

Pros and Cons

  • Affordable pricing with good pro plan.
  • Great Customer Service with email and live chat.
  • Good responsiveness to different devices.
  • No landing page builder.
  • Limited Segmentation.
  • Direct integration not available.

    Is EmailOctopus good?

    It boosts the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns. More than 44,000 businesses around the world rely on and adore this 5-star rated email marketing tool.

    This platform has been used to send over 9 billion (and counting) emails. EmailOctopus is used by companies such as Tedium, Popbitch, Dovetale, and Dreamville Records.

    A customer case study was conducted, and all of the customers had fantastic things to say about the email marketing platform, and they all had wonderful things to say about it.

    They claimed that EmailOctopus gave them all they could have hoped for in an email marketing platform. EmailOctopus was qualified with one word… PROFITABLE.

    With the cost-effective emailing platform, EmailOctopus, consumers may save money on email marketing without affecting deliverability. Send emails with ease with Amazon’s powerful and economical email service. EmailOctopus is your best chance for effective email marketing.

    How to create a pop-up form in EmailOctopus

    • Choose the list you want to create a form for
    • Click on the ‘Landing pages and forms’ tab and select ‘Forms’
    • Click on the ‘Create a form’ button
    • Choose from inline or pop-up and select your preferred template
    • Customise the form to your heart’s content
    • When ready, copy the form’s HTML code to your website   
    • EmailOctopus vs Mailchimp: Differences

      To start, let’s look at how these two platforms compare on features.

      It’s important to remember that Mailchimp positions itself as an all-in-one marketing solution for small businesses. This means the features they offer go far beyond the key email marketing tools – for example, you can even send direct mail via Mailchimp.

      Whereas at EmailOctopus, we focus on email marketing, pure and simple. No postcards here.

      But that’s exactly why Mailchimp customers switch to EmailOctopus – they realise that they’re paying for fancy features that they just don’t use or need.

      “MailChimp has grown to be more than I need or can afford.” – Noelle, EmailOctopus user

      The PDF below shows a side-by-side comparison of features between EmailOctopus and Mailchimp. While EmailOctopus offers the one paid plan, Mailchimp offers three different paid plans and the features available in each differ – the more expensive the plan, the more features there are available.

      Here we’ve compared Mailchimp’s Essentials plan (their cheapest) against EmailOctopus, and noted where features are available in Mailchimp on the next plan up – their Standard plan.


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