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Really Simple Systems CRM product overview

Really Simple Systems Review | PCMag

Really Simple Systems CRM is a user-friendly solution for effective sales and marketing management. This CRM helps businesses save time and make more sales with a simple system designed for growing teams working B2B. Really Simple Systems is straightforward and allows teams to organize sales and streamline processes. Users of any technical skill level can adopt the system. By automating the sales process, tracking leads, and supporting collaboration, the software empowers teams to work smarter and increase efficiency. Compliant with HIPAA and GDPR, Really Simple Systems includes an integrated email marketing tool and a service desk option. It protects data in a centralized hub.

What isReally Simple Systems CRM?

Really Simple Systems CRM Review & Features

Really Simple Systems is an easy to use cloud CRM system designed for small and mid-sized organizations, yet also perfect for larger teams. There’s a customizable Sales CRM, plus options for Marketing and Service tools and integrations – so everything is in one place, enabling great team collaboration and customer relationships that drive sales growth. Our CRM system is designed to grow with your business.

There are 4 price plans; Free, Starter, Professional and Enterprise, offering easy solutions that will work for your business. Our customer support is totally free of charge and you’ll find lots of self-service resources so you can get the most from your CRM.

Our integrated CRM and marketing solution lets you build campaigns and send emails directly from your CRM, using your data to personalize and segment. New leads can be captured from your website and assigned to sales staff to follow up. Or you can add them directly to an automated marketing campaign, letting you work smarter. The stats package means you can monitor the leads, opportunities and value of closed deals, then track the ROI for each campaign, and optimise your marketing spend.

Pros of Really Simple Systems CRM

  • Businesses can customize the CRM by adding their own fields and terminology so users can find data faster. Users can also create individual dashboards to highlight what’s important to them.
  • The system collects and records opt-in consent activity from contacts and keeps an auditable log of when, how, and what IP address gave the consent. It can gather consent from existing contacts using an email link or from new leads via the company website using web-to-lead forms.

Cons of Really Simple Systems CRM

  • While the CRM is accessible through any web browser and optimized for mobile use, Really Simple Systems is still working to develop a mobile app.

Editions and Pricing

Really Simple Systems CRM Pricing, Reviews and Features (October 2022) -

Really Simple Systems is one of the only CRMs out there that offers a free version. Aside from Editors’ Choice winner Zoho CRM, the only other lead management system we reviewed with a free version was Insightly CRM ($29.00 Per Month Per User at Insightly)(Opens in a new window) . You can use Really Simple System’s free tier with up to two users, 100 company accounts, and 100 MB of document storage. You are offered basic contact management and sales features, along with custom reports and the ability to customize your user interface (UI). Support is only via email and online chat.


Once you get into the paid versions, things get serious. The least expensive Starter version costs $14 per user per month when billed annually ($15 when billed monthly). It offers unlimited users and 1,000 company accounts with 1 GB of document storage. It adds phone support, an email module that syncs with your existing email, and lets you add optional marketing modules. These modules include a Simple Marketing email module for $22 per month, or an Advanced Marketing module that adds campaign management, web forms, automated tasks, and a number of other features for $46 per month.

Breakdown of core features

Contact management

Users can find and track every customer, contact, and communication instantly, then set tasks to follow up and share with their team. The software gives a 360-degree view of all interactions, enhancing customer experience and engagement for longer-lasting relationships. Really Simple Systems doesn’t only keep track of names and addresses—it also records every interaction, including emails, calls, notes, and documents, arranged in a summary timeline.

Lead management

Really Simple Systems shows teams the full picture by bringing sales and marketing together in one unified and streamlined database. Its lead management feature manages sales prospects from initial inquiries to confirmed sales. Whether importing contacts or converting web visitors to new leads, the software enables businesses to thrive and nurture their customer base.

Really Simple Systems CRM Review: A Robust Sales CRM Solution

Email marketing

Team members can craft and personalize emails, schedule and send campaigns, then track and analyze engagement levels. The software facilitates creating professional-looking emails without the need for IT support. Users can start with a basic template and then customize it using the drag-and-drop editor to build their layout. Furthermore, businesses can match their brand ID by adding logos, images, and color schemes and save them as templates. Personalizing emails increases open- and click-through rates and boosts email marketing ROI.

Pipeline management

The software manages and monitors every sales opportunity through each stage of the sales process to successful closure. Really Simple Systems allows users to create sales opportunities showing the value of the deal. Team members can also set and update the probability of the sale and add weighted values. The software supports businesses in generating more accurate forecasts and closing more leads.

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