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What is Pipefy?

Pipefy Reviews 2022: Details, Pricing, & Features | G2

Pipefy is the workflow management software that makes business processes—such as purchasing, job opening, accounts payable and employee onboarding—hassle-free, so requesters, processors and managers are more efficient. Through fast-to-deploy, no-code, automated workflows, Pipefy enhances speed, increases visibility, and delivers higher quality outcomes without the need of IT implementation.

Drive digital transformation, gain control of soaring service request volumes through easy to use, enterprise-class process automation and leave manual processes behind and refocus on strategic initiatives and activities. The platform has grown rapidly, fueled by an intense market desire for better solutions to manage business processes and automation. Pipefy is now used in over 215 countries by leading enterprises such as Visa, IBM, Volvo, Santander and Kraft Heinz.

About Pipefy

Pipefy is a software that helps Financial teams to control Accounts Payable processes. Our solution is simpler and more organized than spreadsheets and emails, providing full visibility of each payment and establishing an error-proof workflow. More than 50,000 users are enhancing their results with Pipefy. Join them and improve the way you manage your accounts payable process today.


  • “By now, my experience with Pipefy is amazing. Our processes are more reliable and cuts us some extra time that we spent just to make sure all steps of the processes were being made.”
  • “All in all I really like it – it helps a lot and was easy to implement and there’s still a lot I haven’t used yet.”
  • “I hope to identify more processes within our organization that would work well within Pipefy. I was especially impressed by the training that was provided during the implementation phase.”
  • “I see great potential for a tool like this and hope to use it more thoroughly in the future.”


  • “As a Brazilian user, the worst part for me is the value for money, considering the company is also Brazilian but charges only in US dollar, which makes it somewhat expensive.”
  • “Some people have had trouble working with this platform. Some tools were difficult to configure.”
  • “The ONLY thing I don’t like about Pipefy is that you need to pay the highest rate to have user roles. I have lost work a few time because all of my team has admin role and that is bad.”
  • “Another missing point is that not all fields are searchable, making it hard to find a specific card (if you didn’t mark all fields as subtitles) when you have hundreds of them in the same pipe.”

Pipefy Reviews 2022: Details, Pricing, & Features | G2

What is Pipefy and how does it work?

Pipefy is the Work Management platform. With our tool, anyone can take control of their daily work and make a greater impact. This solution allows users to streamline and automate any business process on their own from employee onboarding to customer service to agile development. They believe that when do-ers have the tools they need to improve their work, without relying on anyone else, there’s no limit to what they can accomplish.

Ways to Improve Performance Reviews:

Pipefy: A No-Code Platform To Streamline Workflows.

Make sure the review is not a one-sided lecture. This means letting the employee speak equally about their performance, how they think they did, and what they think they can improve on. Being inclusive in the conversation will make the review feel more like encouragement and less like a scolding or training session. This will also allow you to see things from the perspective of the employee and find out what tools or skill training they may require to make improvements.

Another way to improve the review process is to review all year round. Now that doesn’t mean do a performance review every day! Far from it, keep to your regular company guidelines for official reviews, but do check in with your employees on a regular basis to see how things are going. Are they having problems? Is there something they need extra training or information about? Doing your part to improve performance daily can make the official review faster and much more positive.

Setting chartable performance goals that your employees can easily follow is another tool you should have in your belt. If your employee knows what is expected of them and how and when they should be at a certain performance level, chances are that the employee will work harder and more effectively to reach those goals by the set date.

Pipefy Pricing, Reviews and Features (October 2022) -

Another tip is to let your employees self-evaluate their performance marking down things they think they did well and areas they could improve upon before the official performance review. This should be a free thinking exercise without pre-fabricated forms to fill out, just the honest truth about how they feel they have done. These self-appraisals may bring things to light that you are unaware of and can offer feedback on in your formal review.

And finally, provide constructive feedback and praise to your employees on a regular basis. Letting them know how they are doing more than twice a year is a good way to mold the performance goals, you hope to achieve for both the employee and the company!

Manage your Performance Evaluations with Pipefy!

Pipefy’s Performance Evaluation Template helps managers follow up on their team’s performance. Evaluating your employees is extremely necessary within companies – without performance evaluations, employees don’t know what their strengths are and behaviors they need to work on.

Pipefy’s Performance Evaluation Template allows you to set feedback meetings with your employees, collect and give feedback, helping them to improve their work performance.

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