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What is MyTime?

MyTime Scheduler is a powerful business management tool that includes online scheduling, client history (CRM), automated marketing, point-of-sale, and much more. MyTime is rapidly gaining popularity with businesses who want to cut administrative time and increase their revenue. Additionally, MyTime is the largest marketplace for online appointment booking, connecting businesses with millions of new customers.
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How MyTime Works ?

MyTime is an appointment scheduling, point-of-sale and customer engagement platform for multi-location business chains and franchises. The platform helps users to reach and connect with their valuable customers at the right time in order to maximise revenue. It is compatible with native online booking technology, with which users get to book clients through Facebook, Instagram, Google Search, Google Home and Google Maps. Also, an integrated point of sale system of MyTime provides adequate offline functionality from time to time. Thus enabling users to continue transacting and processing credit cards even without an active internet connection. With an integrated inventory management system, businesses get to track all of their products easily. They can also keep a detailed record of past and upcoming events, appointments, classes and product-wise purchases made. Staff management gets a lot easier with MyTime, as users get to monitor the regular clock-in/out time, hourly wages and overtime in an efficient manner. Client based communication and detailed reports showcasing key display areas are also made available by the software.

MyTime Scheduler Benefits

BenefitsThe main benefits of MyTime Scheduler are its capability to easily book appointments, rich client management interface, features to ensure fluid communication, integrated POS system, and collection of business insights. Here are more details:

Easy Booking Process

With MyTime Scheduler, clients can easily schedule an appointment with users. The process is also accessible on both mobile and web, making the arrangement for service more flexible. There are two options for booking approval: manual and automatic. With this, managers and proprietors can either review the appointment request first before approval or they can let the system automatically send the appointment to the calendar. This gives users great control over their appointments, even if they are on-the-go.

Robust Client Management Tool

MyTime Scheduler features a robust client management interface that enables businesses to view all their clients in a single location. With this, users can quickly see the service history and notes for all customers. It also allows them to set custom prices for their VIP clients. By having the capability to customize services and prices, brands are able to inspire loyalty to their patrons as well as convert more visitors into becoming regular customers.

Enhanced Communication

The application also aims to reduce the number of no-shows by providing business establishments with a platform where they can fluidly communicate with clients in order to confirm their bookings. Thus, there would be no empty schedule block and businesses, as well as service providers, would earn more by accommodating other clients.

Built-in POS

MyTime Scheduler has an integrated POS interface making it possible for users to sell products to the client at checkout. This eliminates the need for separate transactions and at the same time, also cuts the waiting time of clients. Furthermore, with its built-in inventory management feature, businesses are able to track the number of the products they have in their stock. The app also alerts admins in case they are low on stock so that they can immediately replenish them.

Reporting and Analytics

Thanks to MyTime Scheduler’s analytics and reporting tools, business owners and managers gain a deeper understanding of their operations. By monitoring the key performance metrics, they are able to identify the areas they can further utilize and remedy the ones that need improvement.

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MyTime Description

MyTime is an all-in-one cloud software built for multi-unit enterprises and franchises. Our centralized platform integrates appointment scheduling, billing, marketing, inventory, custom reporting, and mobile apps.

MyTime’s user-friendly interface brings simplicity to running your business. Your staff can access an easy-to-use system and can elevate the customer experience. Built-in marketing features help keep your appointment book full, and other capabilities automate many aspects of operations.
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The MyTime platform is uniquely designed for multi-location businesses with rich reporting, corporate-level controls, and more. Other features include digital forms, inventory management, reputation management, and enterprise custom reporting.

MyTime Scheduler is a powerful business management tool that includes online scheduling, client history (CRM), automated marketing, point-of-sale, and much more. MyTime is as customizable as you need it to be and fully-integrated. You can focus on customer experience, instead of technology.

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