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What is Levitate?

Levitate Reviews 2022: Details, Pricing, & Features | G2

Founded in 2017 by ShareFile creator Jesse Lipson, Levitate helps small businesses focus on what they do best: building relationships. Levitate is a keep-in-touch marketing tool designed to help small businesses build & maintain authentic relationships with their clients. Levitate’s platform allows users to send personal emails at scale, keep in touch with clients via text, send surveys, schedule meetings, remember key facts about their contacts, and accomplish business goals with a personalized approach — all with a dedicated marketing coach by your side.


The Levitate 4 is the neutral cousin to the Brooks Bedlam 3. Both have seen significant changes in their latest versions to be lighter, springier, all round better versions of themselves.

The soft, sock like upper is back but with added breathability, and plush cushioning in the midsole for a bouncy ride during everyday road running and training. The wrap around collar also adds to this snug feel.

The midsole is made from Brooks’ most highly responsive foam, ideal for runners who prefer bouncy over soft running shoes. This DNA AMP Midsole technology, also found in the Bedlam range (aimed at overpronating runners requiring stability) offers premium energy return, whilst being a super springy foam. This works by coating the existing foam in a TPU skin to restrict horizontal movement in the sole translating into a more powerful take off.

The outsole has been updated to an arrow point pattern to offer speedier transitions, better flexibility and enhanced springy feel.

Who is it for?

Levitate Reviews 2022: Details, Pricing, & Features | G2

The Levitate 4 is recommended for runners looking for a neutral shoe to use on everyday runs and training. Premium technologies in the Levitate 4 demand it’s premium price tag. For a more stable ride, consider the near identical Bedlam range. If you’re looking for the ultimate bouncy ride, the Levitate 4 could be a great choice for you.

About Levitate

Levitate is a simple marketing software platform designed to help small businesses grow and keep clients happy through the lost art of keeping in touch. Our solution allows businesses to easily keep in touch with clients via text, send personal emails at scale, schedule meetings, remember key facts about their contacts, customize reminders to reach out, and accomplish business goals with a personalized approach. Levitate’s average open rate is 60%. How do we do it? Personalized & authentic emails….
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How does Levitate work?

Levitate lets you stay in touch and maintain your network with ease. Remembering each and every detail about your clients may seem to be a tedious task, but with Levitate, users can now build and manage authentic relationships quite easily. All one has to do is connect the application to their email or calendar system. Next, users need to import all contacts from the address book, CRM or the spreadsheet. After this, users can set simple rules about the contacts and mention how often they want to reach out to them. Levitate Artificial Intelligence works in the background and informs users via email about the people they have contacted. Lastly, users can personalize a message and send it out to their clients. The application majorly focuses on relationship-based businesses and can turn out to be much helpful to business entrepreneurs. After downloading the application, one can install the same. It is advised that one should not forget to download the email add-ins and other requirements along with the software.

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Levitate Conclusion

Next big marketing trend? Marketing that is less expensive. Our AI-powered software is combined with dedicated content specialists to help build real relationships with your networks. Keep in touch with prospects and clients to drive referrals and repeat business. Use tried-and-true email templates to save time and money. Keep track of important dates and facts about each contact. Never forget a birthday! We can help you import from almost anywhere. You can quickly and easily add the dates and key facts you want to recall, and then create tags to categorize your networks. We will remind you to check in on prospects, to account round with existing customers, and to reach out for renewals according a schedule that you create. Our AI-powered software will keep your honest. Sayonara to spam folders. Levitate emails are not sent via mass blast providers. Instead, they pass through your regular email server (like Outlook or Gmail) and arrive as individual, one-to-one messages to recipient inboxes.

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