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AiTrillion Overview

AiTrillion Review: All-in-One Shopify Marketing Solution | e-Commerce News  HQ

AiTrillion is the first-ever SaaS-based Artificial Intelligence enabled, an all-in-one marketing platform for eCommerce sellers. AiTrillion derives its AI power for over 200M+ verified online consumer data, 180,000+ Seller Network & $14B+ USD worth transactions analyzed & counting. AiTrillion’s 11+ customer engagement features integrated with analytics built for the eCommerce industry, we at AiTrillion specialize at connecting the dots between millions of customers across 175+ countries.

AiTrillion aims to boost the impact of eCommerce marketing across the entire customer lifecycle by leveraging user data, automation, AI/ML, and personalized techniques in a seamlessly integrated & automated enterprise-level platform for both enterprises as well as starters seamlessly.

Should you wish to connect and know more about AiTrillion, get in touch with our corporate executive at – & leverage the power of our fast expanding network.

About AiTrillion

AiTrillion is an all-in-one marketing automation platform to boost the impact of eCommerce marketing across the entire customer lifecycle by leveraging user data, automation, AI/ML, and personalized techniques. This platform is designed for Shopify store owners, eCommerce Shopify sellers, and online Shopify stores.
Save 96% w/ AiTrillion, the only All-in-One ecommerce marketing automation platform on Shopify&Magento. 11+ AI-enabled marketing features. 200K+ installations. 175 countries. Email, loyalty rewards, web push, product reviews, pop ups, announcement bar, affiliates, membership, form builder, deep segmentation, predictive analytics, reporting, personalization etc. Rated 5 stars on G2, Capterra, Shopify. Focused on maximizing customer acquisition, engagement, experience, boost sales & stop churn.
AiTrillion Review: Pricing, Pros, Cons & Features |

What is AiTrillion ?

AiTrillion is an eCommerce marketing software powered by artificial intelligence. It provides a marketing cloud with a huge customer base spanning close to two hundred countries worldwide. Its AI-powered solutions allow for efficient and precise prediction and engagement with target customers. The software’s own data-driven algorithms and predictive analysis automate marketing, build quicker sales, and offer impactful engagement with both visitors and customers. Most platforms in the same category can only address certain issues. AiTrillion is different since it takes everything to a whole new level. It provides numerous services such as push alerts, email subscription, loyalty awards, product suggestions, and tailor-made offers which would typically require a subscription to different platforms. Their current workflow is identified into three general pillars, mainly: engagement, analytics, and AI.

AiTrillion Pricing, Alternatives & More 2022 - Capterra


  • “I liked the design of the app it is super beautiful, the options in the app are really great. You can say easily this is multiple apps in one app.”
  • “Great tool to keep in touch with customers automatically and repeat sales. Excellent tools within the app to maximize on customers visiting the site again and again.”
  • “Fantastic app! has so much going on! you can do marketing, reviews and whatnot.”
  • “Fantastic app! has so much going on! you can do marketing, reviews and whatnot. Def will help any online store.”


  • “Except I don’t like the logo colour, I would prefer it if it was black when it appears on my site.”
  • “I have not run into anything that I dislike about this app or the support that comes with it or the price that I pay for it.”
  • “I don’t have one at the moment. Lack of Facebook integration.”
  • “I am having some teething problems (user error I must stress) and he is helping me sort them all out. In fact he has gone above and beyond so far.”

AiTrillion Benefits

BenefitsThe main benefits of AiTrillion are AI-based projections, reward points deployment, user-based content, web alerts, email campaigns, and actionable widgets. Here are the benefits in more detail:

AI-Based Projections

AiTrillion functions on engagement-based future projections instead of the traditional flawed future projections that other third-party software uses.

Reward Points Deployment

The platform offers a Loyalty Program consisting of many different activity rules including Refer-a-Friend, Expiry Points, and Tier System. Such rules are offered to customers to consistently engage them with the stores they’re visiting.

AiTrillion Pricing, Alternatives & More 2022 - Capterra

User-Based Content

AiTrillion helps increase customer confidence by enabling customers to generate their own content. These features include Question and Answer, Site Review, and Product Review. In addition, customers can make use automated reminders, email forms, review pages, slider gallery, and image uploads (with reviews).

Web Alerts

The software lets users extend their reach outside their website. It allows them to re-engage customers as well as increase revenue even if they have left the online store. AiTrillion boasts a number of alert features including push-in workflow automation, Welcome alerts, Acceptance alerts (for awarding loyalty points), and schedule alerts.

Email Campaigns

AiTrillion helps users expand their email reach by going beyond the traditional email marketing approach. The platform allows users to send emails to customers according to customer interests.  In addition, users can design emails easily with its drag-and-drop email builder.

Actionable Widgets

Users can generate and design widgets to suit their website. These widgets can be in the form of exit-intent popup, signup forms, abandoned cart popup, loyalty popup, and review popup.

AiTrillion features

Main features of AiTrillion are:

  • Campaign Segmentation
  • Website Visitor Tracking
  • Channel Management
  • Lead Management
  • Analytics (ROI Tracking)
  • Email Drip Campaigns

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