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What is Simplero?

Simplero Reviews 2022: Details, Pricing, & Features | G2

Simplero helps coaches and knowledge creators build a business and life they love by simplifying their software stack down to one fun & easy-to-use platform so they can develop meaningful relationships with their customers. From creating courses, building websites, and sending emails- to selling products, managing affiliate programs, and automations. With Simplero, you can run your online business all in one place, not all over the place. Simplero empowers leaders to build communities that change the world. – Amazing Support – Build Websites and Landing pages – Affiliate management – Email marketing and automations – Payments and subscriptions – Courses and communities – Customer insights

About Simplero

Build your website, launch your products, and create your membership site in a matter of minutes (yeah, minutes). See how easy it is to launch your platform by taking us up on our FREE 14-day trial. Sell your products and bring on members immediately! With great features like a landing page builder, up-sells, and affiliate management, you have everything you need for epic marketing success. We want you to own your space! Simplero allows you to manage your entire business from a single dashboard. Grow your business without being slowed down by tech headaches or developers.

What do you like best about Simplero?

There are some super helpful support people who generally respond quickly when you submit a ticket. Sometimes the responses are overcomplicated as they present many options instead of answering the specific question asked.

Having everything in one place, however that also means some of the services are not as well developed.

What do you dislike about Simplero?

The price has almost doubled since I first signed on.

When I have had issues with their service, it was very difficult to get resolution.

If your client replies to your email a very long relay address shows up, it’s confusing to clients.

The CEO is very involved but also pretty disingenuous and pretentious.

What problems is Simplero solving and how is that benefiting you?

Created an online membership.

Having everything in one place – membership, membership forum, emails.

It has not really served to increase productivity or performance at this point.

What is Simplero and how does it work?

Simplero gives you everything you need to run your online business in one place so you can stop dealing with tech headaches and actually work your business (or take a vacation). The truth is most marketing software is expensive, complicated, and doesn’t have everything you need. That costs you time and money that, as a small business owner, you really don’t have. Easily create your website, build your list, send emails, sell products, host online courses, build a membership community, and automate virtually everything in your business, all in one place.

Simplero Pricing, Reviews, & Features in 2022

Benefits of Using Simplero

As an all-in-one solution, Simplero offers a variety of benefits including;

1. Help to keep your business under one roof.

Unlike other individual website platforms like WordPress and Wix, Simplero allows you to make websites and courses and manage your entire website without depending on other third-party service providers.

2. Take your online courses to the next level.

Simplero makes this more comfortable for you to create your online courses.

First, Simplero allows you to quickly drag and drop functionality to create your course regarding the course creation. You can also include media files such as word documents, PDFs, videos, many more to your lessons.

Simplero also allows you to add functions to your courses to simplify your launch process.

Such functions include;

  • Timed open/close of checkout.
  • Redirection to the waiting list page when the cart does close.
  • Course previews for non-members.
  • Redirection to sign-up page from a course preview page

Second, Simplero also makes it easy for you to market your online courses. It offers various options for hosting your courses to get many sign-ups.

The platform offers lots of forms/pages to create and link them up to their related courses.

These forms/pages include;

  • Sign-up forms
  • Longer landing pages templates
  • Stunning layouts for even longer sales pages
  • Interactive quizzes or questionnaires for lead generation

3. Accept online payments easily.

Running an online course might be challenging when it comes to payment of your content. However, Simplero has made it easier for you by providing secure payment systems.

The platform also enables you to track and monitor your income for each payment, contact, month, and quarter.

Simplero Pricing, Reviews, & Features in 2022

Simplero Pricing, Free Trial & Discounts

Simplero offers affordable pricing that is based on 1,000 contacts;

  • Simplero Build Plan: This plan costs $29/m. It offers 10GB storage, Products (Draft), Membership sites (Draft)
  • Simplero Launch Plan: You can get this package at $99/m. You will get up to100GB Storage, 5 Products, 1 Membership Site, Subscriptions available, a Worksheet and quizzes and 5 Credits included on Concierge.
  • Simplero Rule The World Plan: This package costs $149/m. It comes with everything in the Simplero Launch plan plus 1 TB Storage, Unlimited Products and Membership Sites and 10 credits included on Concierge migration.

Simplero also offers a 14-Day Free Trial on all the packages to allow you to test out the platform’s functionalities and features before signing up for a long term plan.

However, it’s essential to understand that you will have to include your credit card details when signing up for a free trial.

In addition to this, Simplero also gives you a discount of up to 17% if you choose to pay your package with a yearly option.


Simplero Build Plan



Simplero Launch Plan 



Simplero Rule The World Plan



Here is my full detailed Simplero Pricing Guide for an in-depth idea about overall Simplero Pricing, Discounts and Offers.

What Can Simplero Do?

  • Email Marketing
  • Automation
  • Create Products & Programs
  • Build Sales Funnels
  • Build Landing Pages
  • Manage Online Payments
  • Create Online courses
  • Create membership and forum sites
  • Create a help desk for your customers

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