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What is Taximail?

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TAXIMAIL IS A POWERFUL EMAIL MARKETING AUTOMATION PLATFORM FOR YOUR BUSINESS. Taximail is an email marketing automation software designed to simplify the planning, testing, implementation, and post-campaign analysis of email marketing campaigns. It comes with user-friendly features like a drag-and-drop email interface for quick and easy creation and design of marketing content. Taximail provides optimization and testing tools to increase reader engagement and improve conversions. Analytics and reports provide users with a clear picture of the campaign’s performance.

About Taximail

Taximail is an email marketing platform that helps SMEs and large enterprises to leverage email marketing in growing their businesses. We believe that if you can communicate effectively to your customers it will lead to an increase in sales and loyalty to your brand. Taximail simplifies email marketing and automation with secure, trackable, automated marketing emails to your targeted audience. Access real-time statistic report via mobile or web.

What do you like best about Taximail?

Since EDM marketing involves other digital marketing techniques to maximize results, TaxiMail provides the best solution for our marketing excellence EDM campaign towards the business prism. The platform meets the business requirements and easy to use without leaving the complexity of the digital updates. It has tremendous back end support and able to provide your custom needs.

What do you dislike about Taximail?

No idea whether the GIFT function works well or not; some of the email campaign sometimes goes to the promotion folder under gmail account.


  • “I am not graphic designer but thanks to this software I can create outstanding emails and my customers like that. I like multi compatibility with all desktop and mobile devices.”
  • “We find this a useful software for our business because it help us in making appointment with our customers specially during the pandemic where we need to manage the show room visit.”
  • “We can do emailing and this feature to help us with our business. They help custom chat bot for some workflow, it’s very helpful.”
  • “Fulfilled the needs of Development/Real Estate company.”


  • “There’s no tutorial on youtube, and lacks of font to be used, because sometimes I need to customized it according to our branding.”
  • “Sometimes it’s difficult to use, such as the image size that can’t be adjusted or if you have a computer problem and you didnt save the project yet, say goodbye to it because it really gone.”

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What is Taximail and how does it work?

Taximail is a platform for email marketing and automation. The software comes with several useful features for achieving successful results. The drag-and-drop tool aids in the creation of beautiful emails with a responsive layout that works on any platform. The software’s spam testing tool compares five common anti-spam initiatives to improve maximum reliability and efficiency. Furthermore, the insight and analysis tool assists consumers in accessing crucial facts instantly after sending out their email campaigns on any device, including PCs, smartphones, and tablets. Taximail’s Automated email marketing solution assists users in creating sales funnels and running automation campaigns. The automation handles the leads and tells the users when they are ready to be followed up on. Users can also use SMTP Relay, RESTful API, and Webhooks to integrate email campaigns. The software further allows the user to send mass messages for the promotional campaign via a multitude of chat platforms. To wow clients, users can also build up an automated client response mechanism.

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The Future of Taximail

⇒ Driving towards E-commerce integration

⇒ Taximail users to integrate their e-commerce site with Magento V. 2 to take advantage and use the abandoned cart automation.

⇒ Taximail users with Zapier account can simply integrate their account.

⇒ Taximail integration with the Dubu+ Korean website builder application.

⇒ Taximail APAC Expansion

Taximail is aiming towards Asia Pacific expansion and scale up to compete with the global market. We will be building more relationship and connections with another digital marketing platform. We are slowly gaining customers across the globe but making a strong presence in the APAC region is one of our top priority.

⇒ Customer-Centric Approach

At Taximail, we value our customers as we do our best to cater to the needs of our local and international customers. We can be reached through email and phone call to address any urgent issues and respond in a timely manner. We take it seriously the feedback given to us to improve our platform and service.

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