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About Omeda

Omeda Acquires Creative Data Services - Omeda

Omeda is an audience management solution that helps businesses collect, manage and store audience data in a centralized repository. It enables marketing teams to conduct A/B tests, improve customer retention rate, monitor revenue streams and streamline customer segmentation operations via a unified platform. Features of Omeda include data storage management, email tracking, a drag-and-drop interface, campaign analytics and more. The application allows employees to create and maintain customer profiles, capture demographic data and monitor the activities of website visitors. Additionally, the integrated marketing automation functionality lets organizations create and run campaigns across multiple channels, send custom emails and newsletters to customers and analyze user behavior. Omeda comes with an application programming interface (API), which facilitates integration with several third-party platforms such as Adobe Analytics, Drupal, BlueConic, Marketo and more. Pricing is available on request and support is extended via phone, email, FAQs and documentation.

What is Omeda?

Omeda is an all-in-one, comprehensive marketing technology platform to grow, engage, and monitize your audiences. Comprised of a Customer Data Platform (CDP), Email and Marketing Automation, Data and Consent Management, Subscription Management and plenty of Integrations, Omeda makes it easy to build sophisticated audience growth campaigns at scale with no additional tools needed. Omeda has over 40 years of experience in audience relationship management. We sent over 5.5 billion emails annually, manage over 25,000 brands and products, and cleanse and manage millions of records for our clients.

Omeda Reviews, Demo & Pricing - 2022

What do you like best about Omeda?

The Omeda team is a group of experts within Omeda who understand the challenges of media and publishing. Plus, they create a community among their clients and we have opportunities to share our challenges and solutions.

What do you dislike about Omeda?

Lack of consistency/continuity in customer service. I wish we had a team of resources familiar with our products who would consistently work on our issues. While the ticket system is a necessary evil, there are times I would like to pick up the phone to talk through a problem rather than figure out how to explain it in writing.

What problems is Omeda solving and how is that benefiting you?

Growing our audience by converting anonymous website visitors into knowns. Accumulating behavioral data across multiple products. Providing insights for our editorial teams that results in better content for our audience; providing insights for our customers that creates unique value, enhances our relationships and generates revenue.

Omeda Reviews, Demo & Pricing - 2022

Software Description:

With more than 20 years of experience, Omega POS software helped many restaurants owners and retailers put their business on the right track.

OMEGA systems have been one of the leaders in the POS industry, with thousands of restaurants and retailers operating with our POS software all over the world.

While we were proving our know-how in this field, we were maintaining more than (78%) of the Lebanese market share, along with many other restaurants in UAE, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Oman, Iraq (Irbil), Congo, Nigeria, Canada, and many other countries.

Software Feature:

POS Basic features (Ordering & billing), Customers database, employees database, reporting, inventory management, recipes creation, cost control, wastage control, purchasing management, and many other interesting features.

Software Specialties:

Retail management, Restaurant management

Omeda Description

Harnessing the data from your many media, events, and subscription products is the first step to creating a single view of your audience. All your data can be gathered together to create a single view and maximize your financial opportunities. You can make better marketing decisions and streamline your efforts to monitor your audience. Omeda can help you create new products and platforms that target the right audience segments. We can also integrate with your CRM and Adtech platforms. Effectively deploying programs across owned brands and expanding audience offers with Omni-channel programs can increase revenue and yield. Omeda is available to answer all your data and business questions even when you are working late. Our technical support consultants are available 24/7 to provide exceptional service and help you make maximum of your experience.

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