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About SMS-iT

SMS-iT Reviews: Pricing & Software Features 2022 -

SMS-iT is a platform for brands that want to personalize customer engagement, reduce customer attrition & build sales leads with accuracy. Our main features include: * 2-way omnichannel messaging – SMS/MMS/RCS/Voice/Fax/Email/Chat * 100+ Smart Features & Widgets * A.I. * Metaverse + Smart Marketing tools * Smart Database with 1Billion+ opt-in segmented records of potential customers, to use in building your TCPA compliant lists with explicit consent.

What is SMS-iT?

SMS-iT is a smart messaging platform that can be implemented to revolutionize communications for Metaverse, IoT, Blockchain, and business projects or applications. The platform helps companies and organizations connect and interact with customers and employees better by allowing real-time two-way messaging across various channels.

It supports the efficient, intelligent, and cost-effective creation, delivery, and management of SMS, MMS, RCS, voice, and fax messages and communications. Users can launch marketing campaigns through such channels and leverage features like message scheduling, contact management, customer segmentation, and AI analytics.

SMS-iT permits sales, marketing, and support messaging and communication to be enabled within Metaverse infrastructures and applications. It provides Metaverse messaging channels, virtual phone numbers, and widgets. The messaging platform can also be leveraged for Blockchain use cases. It lets users set up automated messaging triggers via API and deliver omnichannel smart contract alerts.

Plus, they can build an IoT environment that allows dynamic and intelligent interactions between machines, customers, and employees. They’ll do this by integrating SMS-iT’s features with their IoT devices and applications and utilizing its cloud-based or decentralized gateway solutions.

What is SMS-iT and how does it work?

SMS-iT is a messaging platform that incorporates intelligence. You can improve traffic, subscribers, and profits, as well as automate your workflow and gain access to fresh opt-in leads, with the 2-Way omnichannel messaging & marketing platform. Built for businesses, the Internet of Things, the Metaverse, and the Blockchain. SMS-iT includes Zapier integration for connecting to over 4000 apps, as well as an API. From a database of over 1 billion segmented mobile records, find and target new clients. Great for businesses without an SMS list for marketing, businesses who require OTP (One Time Passwords) for operations, entrepreneurs, tech startups, SMBs, medium-sized businesses, and marketing agencies. SMS-iTTM uses artificial intelligence and automation to intelligently personalize client engagement, reduce churn, and generate new sales leads. It’s designed to help your sales and marketing teams boost their capabilities, sales, and ROI.

SMS-iT Reviews 2022 - Capterra

SMS-iT Features

  • 2-Way Omnichannel Messaging
  • Smart & Automated Campaigns
  • Smart Database
  • Targeting & Segmentation
  • Number Cleansing
  • Bulk Messaging
  • Internet-of-Things
  • Blockchain Projects
  • Metaverse Communications
  • Decentralize Gateway Modem
  • Virtual Numbers
  • 2-Way Chat Conversations
  • Integrations
  • Multifactor Authentication

SMS-iT Benefits

Dynamic & Intelligent IoT Communication

SMS-iT aids companies and organizations integrate 2-way omnichannel messaging capabilities into their IoT environments. They’ll be able to integrate their existing IoT devices and applications with SMS-iT via API. They can also use their own Android phones or Android OS-based Windows, Linux, or Raspberry PI servers as decentralized gateway hardware modems.

As a result, they can implement flexible and smart human-human, machine-human, human-machine, and machine-machine communications within their IoT infrastructures. For instance, IoT machines or devices can automatically trigger messages or alerts to be sent to IT staff via SMS, MMS, voice, or fax. IT teams and personnel can track and fix issues immediately before they lead to costly equipment failures or repairs.

Enhanced Blockchain Networks & Applications

The messaging platform can be used to improve the capabilities of Blockchain networks and applications. Using SMS-iT’s API, users can create messaging rules or triggers that can be linked with smart contracts. During the execution of smart contracts, SMS-iT instantly sends SMS, MMS, RCS, voice, or fax messages in the form of notifications, confirmations, or receipts.

Recipients then can access information or assets stored on non-fungible tokens or NFTs based on the rules, conditions, and events specified in the smart contracts. SMS-iT supports the access and verification of personal data stored on Blockchains. One-time passcodes and confirmation messages can be sent to customers so they can view their personal information and verify their identity. This is useful in achieving compliance with KYC and AML procedures and requirements.

Metaverse-Powered Customer Engagement

SMS-iT lets users build, track, and handle communications and engagements with customers in Metaverse platforms and applications. Thus, they’ll be able to accelerate and optimize sales, marketing, and support interactions occurring within virtual reality environments. They can add keywords to advertisements served on web or mobile-based Metaverse environments and allow prospects to send the keywords to specific virtual numbers through text.

That way, they’ll send campaigns, promotions, and updates only to those people who are interested in their company. Their customers can scan QR codes to access information about products or services and place and pay orders.

Furthermore, customers can use virtual local or toll-free numbers to reach out to customer service/support teams. They’ll ask questions, report complaints, or make orders via messages or calls directly in the Metaverse environment. All Metaverse campaigns and conversations can be monitored in one place with automation and artificial intelligence features.

SMS-iT Position In Our Categories

Because businesses have special business wants, it is only reasonable that they avoid adopting an all-in-one, ideal software. Needless to say, it would be futile to come across such application even among branded software products. The better thing to undertake is to list the numerous vital functions that merit deliberation like key features, pricing, technical skill capability of the users, company size, etc. After which, you must double down on your product research comprehensively. Read some of these SMS-iT evaluations and scrutinize each of the software options in your list more closely. Such all-encompassing research ascertain you weed out poorly fit software solutions and choose the one that offers all the benefits your business requires in sustaining growth.

SMS-iT Reviews 2022 - Capterra


  • “Best tool for sending emails and SMS like a genius.”
  • “Email and SMS marketing made easy. This is extremely important for me and this tool offers great news for this…because it does a great job.”
  • “The team behing it is fantástic, everything works and the support is great.”
  • “SENSITIVE CONTENT] – You rock bro. Thanks for the awesome and valuable 90 minutes on Zoom to learn the basics and some of the advanced features of your amazing platform.”


  • “I think if is you first SMS tool it’s very difficult to understand it.”
  • “It is confusing for both new and board users due to the lack of tutorials. In terms of the software itself, it’s good, but getting started might be difficult for beginners.”

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