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SimpleCRM is a fast and scalable CRM for lead management, contact centre automation, digital marketing, enterprise mobility, Customer360 dashboards, etc. SimpleCRM is AI-powered with Comprehensive, Robust, Feature-rich functionalities to meet your growing and changing needs. Our key differentiator is the team with more than 300 CRM & AI / ML global project implementations on various platforms, including 10+ large-scale projects for banks and insurance companies in Southeast Asia.

About SimpleCRM

SimpleCRM is a customer relationship management solution designed to help businesses in banking, insurance, real estate, education, financial services and other industries facilitate processes for sales, marketing, leads, enterprise mobility. Deployed as a cloud or on-premise platform, it utilizes artificial intelligence to automate customer support services such as ticket capture, routing, escalation alerts, workflows and more. Features of SimpleCRM include quotations, document management, email configuration, chatbots, custom CRM analytics and more. The solution comes with a Sales CRM module, which lets businesses consolidate data for leads, contacts and opportunities on a unified platform, send proposals, schedule follow-ups and track deal closures. Additionally, the marketing module lets users run targeted campaigns, configure SMS or email templates, compare estimated and actual revenue and more. SimpleCRM provides field sales/service mobile applications to manage tasks, calls or meetings even from remote locations. Pricing is available on monthly subscriptions.
SimpleCRM Reviews: Pricing & Software Features 2022 -


  • “It helped us to manage all our client portfolios effectively and generate a profitable dashboard for each customer.”
  • “One of the best tools I have seen to manage our client’s wealth and portfolio. Very exciting with it’s AI and ML-based sentiment analysis with product suggestion engine.”
  • “This product is good and has so many features which could help your organization and MI in supporting business.”
  • “However, I still believe in the fact that there will always be a chance of improvement.”


  • “No track of the same also unless user find it out. Also when we request a change, it would be done but they never see the side effects of it.”
  • “I have to manage my leads separately in Linked IN and then get them added to CRM. Reports for identifying trends are missing, eg, how an account or a business unit is growing over a period of time.”
  • “As with all software it has bugs, but no real game changers.”
  • “The cost of the software can be lowered for domestic client.”

The role of AI in Simple CRM

The Salesdorado info
Simple CRM was the first management tool to integrate AI into its system. Initially, AI was only used as a virtual assistant, but today the AI in Simple CRM offers more and more advanced features.

The tool (called HaPPi) can now analyse a lot of data, detect potential problems and even suggest solutions and potential customers. In fact, HaPPi crosses with Big Data technology, which allows it to send qualified leads directly to your sales people.

The tool allows you to send automatic appointment reminders (in several ways). AI also stimulates gamification of the software by determining who the best performing employees are and motivating teams to excel.

The Salesdorado Opinion
Artificial Intelligence is a core element of Simple CRM, and it is growing in strength over time. The more SIMPL environments are used, the more relevant the AI interventions are. The confidentiality of the data is also secured because it is encrypted.

SimpleCRM Pricing, Reviews & Features - Capterra Canada 2022

Reporting on Simple CRM

Simple CRM’s reporting solution focuses on analytical tables directly related to sales, including analysis of sales projections. However, the reporting goes further with tools that allow you to measure the overall ROI of your business.The CRM integrates return on investment analysis, business intelligence and classic commercial reporting modules. These analyses allow you to quickly find out whether an action is profitable or not: from sales management to after-sales service, the entire management of the company can then be steered in just a few clicks.

The Salesdorado Opinion
The Business Intelligence and ROI tool allows you to analyse the profitability of your interactions, what takes you the most time and your budget balance. All this allows you to optimise your management decisions.

The Salesdorado Opinion
Your data is encrypted in 1024 bits: this allows you to protect your data and stay safe, even if your phone is stolen!

Simple CRM integrations

Simple CRM is the central point of a larger suite of tools. You can therefore integrate it with the following tools to obtain a complete management tool:

  • Simple ERP for unified management of your entire customer relationship
  • Simple Marketing for campaign management and customer feedback analysis
  • An RGPD control centre

But that’s not all! Indeed, Simple CRM also integrates with many other professional applications, such as Outlook for emails, Skype for video conferences, Drupal for the CMS, Google Drive… In short, you will have understood, the list of possibilities is long.

The Salesdorado Opinion
Between the other tools in the Simple suite and the fact that CRM can be integrated with the most popular tools on the market, it quickly becomes apparent that the number of available features is very interesting, especially for relatively affordable prices.

Customer support at Simple CRM

Simple CRM is a French solution and with French customer support as well. Contact is mainly by email, it is not possible to call them by phone. In case of problems, you can also consult the “Simple CRM club”, which lists many resources that can help you.

You can also watch explanatory videos on MOOCs or read articles to keep up with the latest developments in the software. In addition to this, you can get certifications related to the use of the software through the Simple CRM Academy.

The Salesdorado Opinion
Simple CRM has many features and is constantly evolving. Stay up to date with MOOCs and the Simple CRM Academy! We also appreciate the fact that support is available, regardless of the package chosen.

Customer reviews of Simple CRM

Advantages & Disadvantages

In terms of user reviews, Simple CRM has an average rating of 4.5/5 on appvizer. Here we summarize the most recurrent reviews.

  • Customer support: “very clear explanations, we even had Skype help which was very appreciated” – “The support team is great. They really listen to us”.
  • Flexibile: “Whether on the move or in the office, everything seems possible” – “[…] configuration and adaptation tools that really allow you to go extremely far”.
  • Good value for money: “Totally affordable price, I am satisfied and recommend it to my customers”.
  • Complex: ‘The software is complicated!’ ‘The user experience could be improved. We would like a little more interactive menus to make navigation easier.

Simple CRM - 2022 Complete Test | Customer Reviews | Features

Simple CRM pricing

  • Simple CRM Starter, from 15€: 1 to 5 users, you have access to the management of companies, contacts, tasks, appointments, projects, documents, objectives and activity reports. You are entitled to support, can make some customisations, synchronise your calendar and generate project templates. No access to business document management (you can buy an ERP module) or artificial intelligence.
  • Simple CRM Classic, from €25: 1 to 50 users: you have access to the elements of Starter as well as telephony links, Skype and Whatsapp, the optional Simple Payment module and voice recognition.
  • Simple CRM Enterprise, from £40: 1 to 250 users: you have access to Classic elements, customer and prospect geolocation and route calculation, customised reports and most of the artificial intelligence, customisation and business document management options.
  • Simple CRM Business+, from 65€: unlimited number of users and you have access to all the functions of the software.

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