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What is MarketSurge?

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MarketSurge is an all-in-one lead interaction management platform to capture, nurture and close leads. MarketSurge is the one-stop shop for lead management. The application enables businesses to manage communication and contacts from a unified platform.

Most valued features by users

  • Reporting/Analytics
  • API
  • Third Party Integrations


  • Chat/Messaging


  • Reporting & Statistics


  • Multi-Channel Communication


  • Activity Dashboard


  • Live Chat

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  • “Love that I can access and respond to all my leads in one place.”
  • “This software helps contact my leads immediately – so that i don’t have to be online to respond instantly. Helps me live a life where i don’t live by my leads.”
  • “Overall Marketsurge has been great and done everything I needed it to.”
  • “Great features developed specifically for lead interaction management is really helpful.”

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  • “Sometimes the email function is a little funky, my replies will get sent to spam, etc.”
  • “I started using MarketSurge awhile ago to manage the leads as a booking manager for a photography business because I was tired of missing leads due to having to log into SO MANY platforms.”

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